Enjoy some live recordings below: Click on individual tracks below, or just press press the play button and sit back!  A Special thank you to OLMOS ENSEMBLE, ILYA SHTERENBERG, CHRISTOPHER GUZMAN, DAVID GILLILANDGRAEME FRANCIS, RICK REEVES, and CAROLINE STEIGER for allowing me to share our collaborations

Ilan in Media??

trouble JUST kept finding me in 2019

Shameless self-promotion?  Yubetcha!  Please enjoy checking out my recordings above, and consider supporting the creation of new music by purchasing the album using the link below.  More info, including artist bios and program notes at itsalivecd.com.

A morning spot Brian Wendel and I did promoting Vancouver Trombone Week

Like Karina always says, you can't take me anywhere! Ran into a news team on my way to the dentist one day. They were super nice and even left out a note I cracked!

Ilan Morgenstern

​Bass Trombone

Traveling? Be sure to check this out!

T.E.L.P: Trombone Exercise Library Project playlist here!

To say that Jim Jopson's Meat Salas was a facebook sensation would be totally accurate! 20k views within ten days of posting and still going strong, this catchy tune was super fun to learn and record.  Make sure to pick up a copy for yourself from Cherry Classics, where you'll find a tenor trombone version too!  Learn more about Jim's marvelous playing and writing at www.jimhopsonmusic.com